Your Rights

Blue Bubble Taxi companies take the safety of passengers and drivers very seriously. Here are a number of ways we are making sure our customers have a safe and trusted ride:

  • Thorough vetting process for prospective drivers. We have stringent processes and controls for the vetting of prospective drivers, and includes a New Zealand Transport Agency and Police “fit and proper” person check. This authoritative and independent check is a primary focus for Blue Bubble.

  • Driver fatigue training/ managing the driver hours. All taxi drivers must keep a log of their hours. This is for your safety, as this ensures taxi drivers are alert while driving you.

  • English speaking drivers. Our taxi drivers have had to pass an English language test. We believe it is imperative that the driver can communicate with their passengers easily.

  • Security cameras in all vehicles. We believe that in-vehicle recording cameras save lives. All of our taxis are fitted with security cameras. There are many independent reports that support the effectiveness of security cameras at reducing driver fatalities, moderating public behaviour, and reducing incidents of assaults on passengers.

  • Cars and drivers can be identified. All our taxis have numbers, which they have to display as part of NZTA rules. Our vehicles all have signage that includes our company logo and name, so passengers can recognise that they are getting into an approved taxi. Your taxi driver must display an ID card with their photo clearly visible to you. If the photo doesn’t match the driver or cannot be easily seen, you can choose to ride in another vehicle.

  • Insurance to protect you and your property. Our drivers must have valid insurance policies. These are maintained and checked regularly.

Driver Expectations

We always want to help our customers get to where they need to be, but keeping our drivers safe is also extremely important to us.
On rare occasions, a taxi or shuttle driver can refuse to take passengers if, on reasonable grounds, they consider:

• Their personal safety would be threatened or endangered.
• The intending passenger is under the influence of drink or drugs.
• The intending passenger is in a filthy condition.

Complaint Procedure

All Blue Bubble taxi drivers strive to give you the best possible experience while in one of their vehicles. But, if you do need to make a complaint please contact the taxi company you used in the first instance.

To assist in the investigation of the complaint, it would be helpful if you can provide the Taxi Fleet number or vehicle registration, name on the drivers ID card, date and time of trip, pick up and drop off location or location of incident.

Complaints can be investigated without this information, but may result in us being unable to identify the driver/vehicle, so the more information you can provide is better for you.

Complaints made to a Blue Bubble Taxi company will be acknowledged within the next working day. Passengers are also able to complain to the NZTA. If the matter is serious, or concerns criminal activity, you should contact the New Zealand Police immediately.